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Vintage Postcards

History and learning fuels our passion. We love finding unique items!




How They Used To is a small business team of Kim & Joe, and we love to share our journey through historical, vintage, retro, antique, & collectible items with you, our customers.  We have a passion for learning, and we love to hear feedback from our customers and friends; we welcome your input!  We hail from central Missouri, and we look everywhere for unique stuff.  Often times we clean the items up, but we keep everything in its original condition (unless we decide to design something completely new from these collectibles).  Assist us on our journey through time, teaching us about the history of our world.  

Vintage Compass

Lets travel the world through time "How they used to".

Postcards & stamps used to be how many people shared with each other through most of the 20th century.  Let's explore some of what the past has to offer.

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